Monday, March 23, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding in the Vineyard

Although this wedding was beautiful, there are a few things i would have liked to have done to make it spectacular..... but a wedding budget has to be met.. we cant have everything can we!!!
This wedding was at Tangarratta Vineyard in Tamworth.. just beautiful!!!
Unfortunately, at the time, they had a black gravel floor!!! I cant image the nightmare this must have been for the Bride... her dress!! What a mess!!

The Bride chose a black and white theme.... Complete with white feathers!!!
The bridal table featured fairy lights, but you cant see them in the light from the open side of the marquee. Black draping with a back table runner

Here is the Bridal Table with balloon backdrop.
We had discussed a specially made black and white backdrop which would have looked so great, but it was a little on the pricy side. But it would have looked great in this case!!

The black covers and white sashes looked awesome!!!

These centrepieces were done by the Bride, but if someone wants something similar, i can provide it.

The money tree will look so magical lighting up the room during the evening.
The arch shared the duel purpose of being the point were vows were exchanged

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